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Starting Over Again


Wren, Hooke, Boyle and Pepys form a boyband and sing about London’s new beginning, re-building the city after the Great Fire of 1666.

Parody of “Over Again” by One Direction


The vision looks so beautiful when you flew out of Farriner’s shop, yeah.

You set our world on fire babe, but you didn’t know when to stop.

Thought you could destroy us with your flaming attack

But there’s only one direction and now we’re heading back!


We’re starting over again

Gonna build this town back up from the ground

With my buddy Christopher Wren.

Will end it be fiery? I’ll put that in my diary and build this town again.


Gonna fix this town by Hooke or crook. My name is Robert Hooke. Make it good.

I got reams of schemes of re-building dreams. How about avoid using wood?

We’re working as a team to re-build London entire.

Together we get on like a house on —- !


We’re starting over again! Rising from the embers

Our talent you’ll remember, with Boyle, Hooke and Wren.

London will review, but won’t stop me when we’re through

We’ll build the future again.


In science we would trust, re-build these walls

I’ll even re-design the organ at St. Pauls!


We’re starting over again

We’ll change London first, next the Universe

These days’ll be known for where

What we achieved, the world would never be, ever the same again!




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